Lisa Nandy

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Together, we can draw on the talent and passion of every part of our movement to empower communities and create real change. Join us today.

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Together, we can draw on the talent and passion of every part of our movement to empower communities and create real change. Join us today

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My vision

This shattering election defeat was a long time coming. It has been 14 years since Labour last won power. I have listened and I understand that we have one chance to win back the trust of people in Wigan, Workington and Wrexham. Without what were once our Labour heartlands we will never win power in Westminster and help to build the country we know we can be.

To earn that trust means we need a leader who is proud to be from those communities, has skin in the game, and is prepared to go out, listen and bring Labour home to you. I know that a Labour Party led by someone like me is something many will not believe is possible. I think we can, and must, show that it is.

I’m standing to be leader of the Labour Party because after a decade in Parliament I have a deep understanding of what has gone awry in our discredited political system. I know a Labour government must give power and resources back to people in every town, city, region and nation in the UK. We must leave behind the paternalism of the past and give people the ability to deliver change for themselves.

I’m standing because I know too many people in communities across the country no longer feel they have a voice in our national story. So many of you have told me you believe many leaders are not interested in what you have to say and are unable - or unwilling - to understand your lives. I believe you are right.

I’m standing because I believe getting Brexit done should never mean turning our backs on decency, tolerance, kindness, or the rights we have won together, and I am prepared to make and win that argument in the places it matters most.

I know that to win back trust takes a leader who can ensure Labour becomes a force that is rooted in our communities. Now isn't time for an argument about saving Labour from one faction or another. It's about whether we can draw on the skills of every part of our movement to rebuild the red bridge that connects Stoke and Stoke Newington, Lewisham and Leigh, and which, three times over the last 100 years, gave us the chance to serve and transform our country.

It breaks my heart that in this election so many felt they had no choice but to vote for a Tory Party that has sent a wrecking ball through our communities over the last decade. I am determined to defeat Boris Johnson in order to lead the compassionate, radical, dynamic government that I firmly believe most people want and deserve.

I believe that together we win.

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